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Aside from the regional and subject portals, we also feature our level portals which comprise Primary, Secondary and JC Tuition Singapore. These level portals allow both students and parents to search for learning resources and tuition programmes more conveniently.

Primary Tuition Singapore

Learn with a focus

Primary Tuition Singapore offers an archive of online materials and wide selections of tuition programmes for interested students as they prepare for the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). Parents can look for primary English, Math and Science tuition programmes in this portal and find out what is suitable for their child.

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Secondary Tuition Singapore

Master critical thinking

Secondary Tuition Singapore provides a centralised portal for students to prepare for the GCE O Level examinations. We provide a wide selection of education centres for students to select the right tuition programme for them, such as English, Math, Chemistry and Physics. Allow our highly-experienced to diagnose and support your child’s strengths and weaknesses in the subjects.

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JC Tuition Singapore

Express with eloquence

JC Tuition Singapore offers competitive online learning resources and fast-track tuition programmes to prepare JC students for the GCE A Level examinations. Subjects include General Paper (GP), Economics, JC Math, Physics, Chemistry and History.

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